Sunday, September 25, 2011

Orange Chicken Casserole

This week's meal to keep me going a few days is a casserole, because that is what the weather calls for. I had a recipe for chicken cacciatore but then I decided that I didn't feel like a tomato based sauce so I went back to the old standby of making things up. I've always liked putting orange with chicken and I love gravy, but my sauce ended up much richer than a simple gravy. Not to mention more full of vegetables than chicken. Now what I would like to go with it is mashed potato but I have no potatoes so for now I will have to settle for rice. My bottle of awful white wine is finally all used up, and the next time that I make this I will leave the wine out and see how it is with a milder sauce. Maybe add chunks of potato to help thicken up the sauce. Casseroles and stews are great because they are so easy, you just throw everything into the one pot and leave it to cook for a couple of hours. By the end of which the house should be warm and full of cooking smells and the cold outside kept at bay for the evening.

Orange Chicken Casserole

500 grams chicken pieces (or more if your casserole dish is big enough)
1 brown onion
1 red pepper
2 large carrots
1 cup white wine (or another cup of chicken stock)
1 cup chicken stock
Juice of 1 orange
2-3 tablespoon bisto powder (or cornflour)
1 tablespoon dried mixed herbs (anything that includes thyme, sage and marjoram will be good)
Salt and pepper

Turn the oven on toabout 180 degrees fan bake. While it is heating chop all the vegetables into chunks and if you are trying to be healthy take the skin off of the chicken. Then throw it all into a big casserole dish (at least 2 litres) and sprinkle the herbs and thickener (bisto or flour) over the top.

Pour the liquids over and pop the dish into the oven, uncovered. It should take about two hours for the sauce to get nice and thick, during which time you can prepare your sides of whatever - potato, rice, pasta, vegetables. I had mine with brown basmati and brocolli but potato would have been good. When it seems done season it with salt and pepper if you need to, and you should have enough to feed at least three.

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  1. Hi thanks for sharing your recipe. I only used water instead of chicken stock or wine (didn't have them at home) but it still turned out really flavoursome. I think the big contributor is the herbs ;)
    I also cooked the dish on stove top instead of oven.
    Hubby and I love the dish ;) so thanks for your recipe.



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