Sunday, November 27, 2011

Really Chocolate Brownies

It's a cold Friday evening, it's chocolate brownie time and again I have no camera! How can I publish pictures of  seriously rich, home-made heart-attack inducing chocolate brownies to tempt everybody into breaking their diets if I don't have my camera? I guess I'll have to make them again sometime soon! It's OK because the recipe needs one last trial anyway, the brownies are a little too dense, they should be gooey-er, so they need less flour I reckon. The recipe below already has the amount of flour reduced and I can guarantee that they will be really good if you follow this recipe, but I must try it myself again and maybe reduce it further before they are absolutely perfect. However, they are of the type of perfection that can only be handled in small portions! I recommend a small piece, heated up a little in the microwave, served with natural yoghurt. It sounds like a bit of an odd mix but is really good. This is how they served the brownies at my favourite cafe from my undergrad years, it was just down the street from where I lived and we would go there on a cold (and sometimes hungover) Sunday to defrost and fatten ourselves up in preparation of impending hibernation. Perhaps you would rather have them with cream or ice-cream but that would be adding even more fat and sugar, the yoghurt is really yummy and it mellows them out a bit so that you can get more in before you go into a food-coma.
Triple Chocolate Brownies

200 grams butter
100 grams dark chocolate
1/2 cup cocoa powder
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
1 1/2 cups sugar
3 eggs
1 cup flour (self raising or not, however you like)
200 grams white chocolate

For these brownies you want to bake them at a slightly lower temperature, about 150 degrees celsius, so that the top doesn't get too dark before the middle is cooked. Grease a tin - I use a swiss roll tin that is about 20 by 30 cm.

First place the butter, chocolate, cocoa powder and vanilla in a saucepan and heat it until everything is melted and smooth.

When the chocolate mixture is ready, measure the sugar into a large bowl and beat the chocolate mixture into it. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each.

Finally, sift the flour into the bowl and mix it in well. Break the white chocolate into pieces and stir them in too. Pour the mixture into the greased tin and bake it until a skewer insterted into the middle comes out clean. It will take about 50 minutes.

I will make these again, soon I hope, and then will add a photo, but until then just imagine extreme chocolatey goodness.

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