Monday, January 2, 2012

Unbaked Apricot Slice

Once again, I have managed to give away all of my treats without taking any photos. So, if instead you can just imagine a slice that is sort of fudgy looking, but much more solid than fudge, that is a plain biscuit-y/caramel sort of colour, with chunks of bright apricot and chunks of white chocolate, that is what this recipe will make you. It is unbaked and only requires a bit of melting stuff and a bit of chopping and crushing stuff. It is sweet but not overly sweet, tastes of vanilla, brown sugar and apricots and is quite firm but not at all crumbly. This is similar to what we (here in NZ) call chocolate fudge cake, only without all the cocoa powder and chocolate icing. There are many recipes for this particular slice, I can remember my Nan having made it on a couple of occassions so I guess it must be another old kiwi classic. This particular recipe came from the Chelsea sugar website, but thought it needed something a bit extra so added the white chocolate. I've also doubled the recipe because it seems wasteful to use only a half of a can of condensed milk, when I am unlikely to ever use the rest of it. So be warned, this is going to make loads. It's very easy to eat though, so you will probably find that it is gone before you know it!

Apricot Fudge Slice

250 grams butter
1 can condensed milk (I think a can is about 375 mL)
1 cup soft brown sugar
1 cup chopped apricots
1 cup chopped white chocolate
500 grams (two packets) plain vanilla biscuits, crushed (in New Zealand I use Wine biscuits but I know that you don't get those other places)

Because I am here in New Zealand, I am going to stick with NZ measurements and say cups instead of grams. It's really not hard people, just buy a set of metric measuring cups! Or, for this recipe, you can always estimate. Unlike most recipes that I post here, the first step does not consist of preheating the oven. Instead, prepare a tin that is about 30 cm by 40 cm by lining it with baking paper.

First you need to combine the sugar, condensed milk and butter and melt until the sugar has dissolved, either in the microwave or on the stove. Into this you need to add the apricots, chocolate and biscuits and mix it all really well. You want the biscuits to be quite fine, mostly crumbs, so you can either throw them into a food processor or, if you don't have one, crush them with a rolling pin. Just tip them out onto a clean surface and roll them over and over with a good rolling pin until they are crumbs, then tip them into the other ingredients. You may have to do this in several steps.

To combine the mixture fully you might have to end up using your hands. When it is ready, tip it all out into the prepared tin and press it down flat. Cover it with clingfilm and chill it for a couple of hours, so that the liquid is all absorbed into the biscuit crumbs. Then slice into squares and serve!

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