Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Drunken Noodles

A little while back I was reminded of how much I love asian-style stirfries and noodle dishes, after eating delicious pad thai at a friend's place. Now I have a whole list (yes, I am a list person, I love lists, I have a lot of them) of noodle recipes to try, and I am finally getting around to using one of them. I am lucky this week, because I have a friend staying with me who misses my food, so I have an excuse to completely over-indulge my food obsession and cook and bake until we are all sick of the sight of food. I found this recipe on a blog hop, by The Misadventures of Mrs B, and at first I thought the name was interesting, but the name is actually misleading and the real recipe is way better than what I thought it might be. Drunken noodles - they are not doused in alcohol but are so spicy that you need to drink a lot of something soothing while you try to eat them! I had to make a couple of changes - I added a lot of vegetables, and the proportion of noodles to meat and vegetables was not to my liking so I have reduced the noodles by half in the recipe below. It is still a really fast, simple recipe. After you have brought any staples that you don't normally have (for me it was hoisin sauce and fish sauce, which turns out to be anchovy sauce, so I could have used worcestershire, but that has loads of random spices in it so wouldn't have been quite right I guess) you can whip this up in all of 20 minutes!

Drunken Noodles
(3 servings, about 500 calories per serve)

250 gram packet of fettucine or some other wide noodle
3 chicken breasts, cubed
1 large onion
3 bell peppers
3 carrots
1 courgette/zuchinni
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 fresh chili, de-seeded and chopped up finely (the original recipe listed anaheim chilli, but any would do I'm sure, and I actually used crushed chilli from a jar)
5 cloves crushed garlic
4 tablespoons hoisin sauce
3 tablespoon fish sauce
2 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce (original recipe called for garlic chilli sauce but I don't have that, and it already has both garlic and chilli, so I figured I'd use this in place of sugar)
1/4 cup basil leaves
Lime wedges (to serve with, I'm not sure why, and didn't actually bother to buy limes, but it's worth a try)

I know that the ingredient list is long, but the dish is really fast and simple so don't be put off! First, put on the fettucine or noodles to cook according to the packet directions. Slice up all the vegetables really thinly lengthwise, so that they themselves are of about the same width as your noodles.

While the pasta cooks, heat the oil in a large frying pan, add the chicken and cook until all of the chicken is cooked through (or thereabouts). Add the vegetables, chilli and garlic and continue to cook, stirring, for a couple of minutes.

Finally, add the various sauces, give it all a good stir to combine, and leave it to simmer until the pasta is ready (unless it is already done, in which case just simmer it for about 5 minutes). Taste it and if it is not burn-your-mouth spicy, consider adding more chilli. When the pasta is ready, drain it and add it to the frying pan. Tear or chop the basil leaves and add them to the pan aswell. Stir it about until it is well combined and serve it up immediately!

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  1. Noodles are my best friend!!! LOL!


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