Monday, June 18, 2012

Berry Avocado Smoothie

After the crazy cooking smoothie challenge I am left with extra smoothie recipes- the ones that were good but not awesome enough to be chosen. This recipe is one of those - an avocado smoothie that is full of berries and other healthy stuff, from a blog called Cara's Cravings. My own version is a little different, modified to include what I had or could easily purchase. I've jumped on the milled-seed bandwagon but instead of hemp I have a mixture of flaxseed, almonds and brazil nuts. It was expensive but if I only use a tablespoon or so a day it will surely last for ages. Instead of just milk I have added some yoghurt, because smoothies should have yoghurt, and I have a freezer full of frozen bananas so I am adding them to all my smoothies. This smoothie was a little tart and tasted most strongly of berries - using frozen fruit is perfect for an icy smoothie on a hot day but if it's not so hot I would recommend fresh fruit instead!

Berry Avocado Smoothie
(recipe for two)

1/2 avocado
1 small frozen banana
1 cup frozen berries
4 dates, soaked overnight in water
2 tablespoons milled hemp seed or flaxseed
2 tablespoons honey
1 cup milk
1/2 cup plain yoghurt

Like all smoothies, this one is really easy to make. First, place all of your ingredients into a bowl (for those of us with hand blenders) or blender.

Then blend everything together until it is smooth. Pour it into pretty glasses and you are done. Enjoy!


  1. This is truly a healthy smoothie, I've always got bananas in my freezer too. So nice to be able to pull them out just for something like this. Thanks for sharing!


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