Thursday, February 21, 2013

Frosted Milo Cookies

Cookie day again! I have not been baking enough since being back in New Zealand, I have no occasions to bake for, and the result is that my last batch of cupcakes were not up to their usual standard! Luckily, these cookies turned out nicely and got a lot of positive comments. Of course, if you are not in the southern hemisphere you won't know what Milo is and will have trouble finding it but I'm pretty sure you'll find a suitable subsititute - Milo is a malted chocolate drink powder that we use here to mostly make a hot drink with water and milk, but you can have it cold too (I prefer it cold). It's not strongly chocolatey and the malt taste is not too strong either. You could probably replace it with ovaltine and cocoa for this recipe, or some other malted drink powder. Or, go to you local Asian grocery store and just have a look around because technically we are Australasia and you can get Milo in many pacific countries, so you might just find it there, in a green tin.