Monday, April 8, 2013

Berry Custard Swirls

A new recipe, yay! It was Easter weekend, and I felt like making something, and that that something should be bread. Only I didn't feel like making hot cross buns even though it was Easter, and I sort of felt like making cinnamon swirls but not entirely, so I decided to mix it up a little by using some sort of strawberry filling. Then I thought, why not add coconut? Of course, if you don't like coconut you can always just leave it out and make plain bread dough so don't let that stop you making these! In the middle you could simply but some sort of jam, but I actually made my own filling with mixed berries that were in the freezer and I've tried to approximate the recipe (because I was just throwing things together). Finally, the buns were topped with a vanilla custard icing, and more coconut, which is of course optional. They were really delicious and a big hit, so go and make some right now!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Creamy Avocado Pasta

Being out in Colac Bay by the beach on a windy day makes me hungry, which in turn makes me feel like writing about food! This is not what I am making today but something I whipped up a couple of weeks ago, and then again a week later but the first time was better, so I've tried to make the recipe below more like the first time. Basically it's a good, fast pasta dish for an evening when you are hungry and want food quickly - but it's also rather rich so you wouldn't want to eat a huge amount of it; let's call this a light meal or a side. I really recommend it though, it was delicious. Plus isn't avocado full of the good types of fat that we should all eat more of?