Monday, June 3, 2013

Banana Cake

Somehow I have gone all this time without dedicating a post to banana cake. A staple in NZ, it was not a common cafe treat over in Ireland, so I guess I just forgot about it. I think my recipe probably comes from the Edmond's cookbook, but my version is slightly altered, probably to suit my tastes and what was in my kitchen cupboard when I wrote down the recipe. On this particular occasion my banana cake wasn't perfect, on account of the electric egg beater dying halfway through mixing the butter. It had been on its last legs for awhile, clearly struggling to do its job, not to mention the blue sparks. This time, though, I knew that it was time to stop when I noticed a little bit of smoke coming out of the vent at the front. So my butter and sugar were not fully creamed, but I forged on ahead, adding more ingredients. Perhaps I should have melted the butter/sugar instead of just continuing, because as I mixed in the other ingredients I noticed quite large blobs of butter in the batter. But after adding the eggs it was too late so I kept on going and the cake turned out well enough - although I really would recommend making sure to cream the butter and sugar properly. This particular banana cake doesn't have the usual chocolate icing; instead I sprinkled it with chopped nuts and chocolate chips before baking, and topped it with my homemade chocolate fudge sauce.