Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cheddar & Vegetable Penne

What do you do when it's already evening time and you're hungry and you have no meal planned? You whip up a pasta dish, that's what you do. This time around my quick pasta features vegetables sauteed with balsamic vinegar until they are sweet and soft, and a bastardised version of carbonara using plain old cheddar cheese. It turned out so yummy that I had to quickly write down what I put in it and take a photo so that I could make it again. And maybe other people will want to make it too? I've also been baking so keep an eye out for the next post, it's going to be something really yummy and chocolatey.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Homemade Paella

These days the food posts are really few and far between, and I have all but stopped adding my recipes to blog-hops and checking out other people's blogs and recipes. In a way it's because I have gotten a bit lazy, have not been cooking that much and my procrastination over writing my thesis is stopping me from doing anything meaningful at all (including this) because as soon as I go to do something I know that I should really be doing thesis work. I should be cooking more though, because I enjoy it, even though I don't have all my friends here to feed like I did in Ireland. I'm hardly baking either, which is absolutely shocking for me! So tomorrow I am going to bake cookies (they will be a peace offering to my Dad because I left the door to his beach house wide open after I had been staying out there a few days - woops!). Today's post, however, is of a meal that I made a week ago for my family - a paella recipe out of a tapas recipe book that came all the way to me from Spain. It was really delicious and really easy to make too, I will be making it again soon I'm sure.